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The GKN(v) are arranged into a bond or federation of churches. The tri-annual general synod (GS) functions as the assembly regulated matters for the GKN(v) as bond.
* A committee of deputies receives a specific mandate. All committees of deputies theoretically cease to exist when the churches assemble in general synod. Deputies are thus always appointed for a three year term and committees of deputies only exist for three years. Many committees of deputies, however, are of such a nature, that they are recreated every general synod with the appointment of new deputies. It is a household rule that deputies in the GKN(v) never serve more than 3 successive terms on any one committee of deputies. As deputies only communicant members of the GKN(v) can be appointed. Because deputies are ‘executives’ of the churches (i.e., they have no authority in themselves), deputies need not be office-bearers and may be male or female.

Reports of the deputies to the General Synod of the Reformed Churches Ede 2014:

Report of deputies on Male/Female in the church

Decisions MF in the church

Reports of the deputies to the General Synod of the Reformed Churches Harderwijk 2011:

The Committee on Relations with Churches Abroad (BBK)

The Committee for Church Unity (DKE)

The Committee on Diaconal Ministries (GDD)

Committee on Man/Woman in the church (M/V)

Draft Work Order

Below an authorised translation of GS Harderwijk 2011

The appointment of dr. Paas at the Theological University Kampen

Below a number of authorised translations of GS Zwolle-Zuid 2008-2009 of the GKN(v)
Men and women in the Church (pdf)
Majority and Minority Reports deputies Church Unity – NGK (pdf)
Church Labourers (pdf)
Relation with the NGK  (pdf)

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